Drone: Remote Tactical Warfare
The Future of Warfare.


Currently in production is the campaign mode for Drone: Remote Tactical Warfare. Hack, destroy, die, repeat. 



Progressing very quickly is the campaign mode for Drone: Remote Tactical Warfare. This mode will feature rogue-lite gameplay where losing hacked assets comes at a cost. 

Objective Gameplay

Hack into enemy drones from a compromised satellite and infiltrate deep behind the lines. Complete a multitude of objectives and sub-objectives to undermine the enemy and achieve the overall goal of forcing the planetary evacuation of Eaglestrike forces.

Stealth Infiltration

Stealthily explore enemy positions collecting data, ammunition and other valuable resources to assist your progression to the heart of enemy's infrastructure. Leave the area if it gets too hot! 

Upgrades, Abilities and Perks

Earn and save CPP (combat performance points) to unlock weapons, upgrades, skills and perks to turn your passive maintenance drone into an offensive infiltrator. Don't lose your drone in combat though - as all that hard-earned will be lost.

Spend Combat Performance Points to unlock new technology
Campaign tactical map


After upgrading, return to high-sec positions that you would once only pass through or sneak around. By triggering the alarm and eliminating the responding forces the position will be taken. Securing positions not only earns you maximum CPP but may unlock new abilities and perks that undermine the enemy's combat ability. 

Take over a generator array to disable power supply to other positions or an ammo dump to delplete the enemy's ordnance. Secure an airfield to unlock the ability to call in devastating airstrikes.  


Be careful when moving between positions because you may stumble upon a checkpoint, minefield or large patrols that must be bypassed (or destroyed) to progress.


A beta testing phase will be undertaken towards the end of the year for anyone interested in taking a sneak peak at Drone: Remote Tactical Warfare in its truest form.